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Warbird Cover

Warbird Cover

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Warbird Cover

Most shooters know that heat is generated when using a suppressor or silencer on a bolt gun or carbine.


What most shooters don’t realize is that the heat generates a heat wave or mirage that comes up from the suppressor/silencer. This mirage, especially when using scoped rifles or carbines will cause the shooters target to drift causing an optical illusion. That will result in a point of impact shift on the target.

 As Long Range Shooters and competitive shooters ourselves we have designed our silencer covers to help with the problem using the best materials that can be sourced in South Africa. The heat resistant materials can endure very high temperatures, while the outer body is made from durable heavy grain Cotton Canvas.

 This is rounded off by a durable elastic cord that can be tensioned to the shooter’s preferred preference. This elastic cord when fitted correctly, will prevent the cover from moving forward even on the most severe recoiling rifles on the market. 


    Kindly Note that, should your specific colour/size be out of stock, we will gladly order it in for you with a lead time of +/- two weeks.

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